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Entry Categories
Nominations are encouraged for all new projects in the United Kingdom with concrete as the majority structural component. In 2017 we are not categorising the nominations. Each project will stand on its own merit. We are looking for:

Large-scale civil engineering structures Bridges, towers, WTW, STW, road, rail, power generation, waste treatment, coastal and marine works, major elements of a project etc.
Ground engineering Tunnels, shafts, infrastructure etc.
Commercial buildings
Retail buildings
Educational (schools, universities)
Public (libraries, hospitals, museums, theatres etc.)
Municipal (car parks, stores etc.)
Small-scale projects, large-scale projects, public/private, substantially regenerated and/or remodelled for a new and sustainable lease of life, specific elements in buildings etc.
Monumental statements Out of the ordinary!

If you are unsure about the suitability of your entry, please contact The Society in advance of submission to discuss.